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Daksha  is a most kind most generous person. From the start of this crisis in March 2020 she formed  the Community Response Kitchen cooking  meals for us without a mumur as our numbers grew now to over 550 a week. We could not have fed needy families cooked food without her. Not only does she cook but when she can she sends produce for our food aid bags. We have never met in person but I know how loving and caring she is through the taste of her food. Brent, with one of the highest death rates in the UK from Covid 19 virus, has benefited tremendously from the Community Response Kitchen. We must all pull together to ensure its important future in Brent.

Leslie from the Granville Community Kitchen



"Community Response Kitchen have been a great asset to my patients during the Covid-19 lockdown. They have provided daily free hot meal provisions to several of mine and my colleagues patients. I am very grateful for their continued support and helping local residents in accessing their most basic needs and human rights. I hope Community Response Kitchen gets all the praises it deserves and continues being a pivotal source of support for the wider community"

🌹Hi Daksha

🙏🏾💚 Thanks so much 4 wonderful Donations today. 


✅ 💖 *TLC FoodBank delivers across W10 & W11 in RBKC. *


💖*These are Mutual Aid Area1: *

Dalgano, Golborne & St Helens Wards. 


💖 *Mutual Aid Area2: *

Colville (Portobello), Norland & Notting Dale (Grenfell) Wards. 


🙏🏾Be very Blessed. 



"This week we're so happy to introduce you to Daksha - one of our local heroes - a truly amazing local resident who has helped so many people in need through her organisation, Community Response Kitchen".





Tender Loving Care Foodbank

Thank you so much for the wonderful weekly Donations you have been generously giving  to our Tender Loving Care Foodbank since April 2020.  This has enabled us to  support *300 vulnerable self-isolating Grenfell families each week, as they are at risk of CV19.

Tender Loving Care Foodbank is based in the Tabernacle Christian Centre, where I serve as a community Chaplain.  We are also part of *West London Community Consortium and I am a Team Leader for *Mutual Aid Area 1, in Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea. 

Tender Loving Care Foodbank is committed to serving Grenfell families and the North Kensington community twice a week, as many of these residents have pre-existing Health conditions that make them more at risk from Corona Virus. 

Please note: North Kensington has a 16 year Life Expectancy difference to South Kensington and the Health Inequalities residents face include: Cancer, Coronary Heart Disease, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure and Stokes.  

*Tender Loving Care Foodbank is supporting 2,500 families with many of these Health Inequalities, each week.

  • Our Tender Loving Care Foodbank is on Wednesday and Sunday afternoons – from *16:00 – 18:00.  Tabernacle Christian Centre. 210 Latimer Road. W10 6QY.

  • I am Team Leader for Mutual Aid in Area 1 and we deliver food to Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea *Area 1: (Dalgano, Golborne & St Helen’s Ward) & *Area 2: (Colville [Portobello], Notting Dale [Grenfell] and Norland wards).

  • The generous donations from your Community Response Kitchen have enabled us to support *300 very vulnerable self-isolating families each week since April 2020 with a *bag of groceries, fruit and vegetables and a cooked healthy meal, which we deliver to their homes. 

  • We have 70 dedicated volunteers and *35 of them have enrolled onto Food Safety Lv1 & Lv2 courses and Introduction to Allergens and their control. 

  • 39 Volunteers have sent details to enrol onto the free DBS Programme. 


Community Response Kitchen delivers means and supplies to Newman Catholic College



What They’re Saying


Keep up the good work.. Bless you all !!

Taruna Hirani

Its a great, local cause.

Suzanne Hodge

Great sewa by amazing team

Ahuti Kalyan

This is an incredible organisation!!! Pat

Pat Have Mercy

From Ray at Swiss Cottage Deli, wanting to help your amazing cause. Thank you

Nouri Momtazi

Wonderful work Daksha and team xxx

Saroj Kanbi

Well done everyone! Keep up the great work!

Umesh Gorasia

Fantastic causes - well done!

Prior Family

Keep up the good work

Prabhavati Parmar

Such a genuine cause, worthy of applaud! Well done and keep up the good work! God bless! Thank you “Sufiscore” for promoting this charity through your YouTube channel!

Rachana Thaker

Awesome work by CSK in supporting the needy by helping them with food. Please keep up the good work :)

Tabish Ghafoor

As a doctor who used to work in the NHS, during my long days and nights, I used to long for something tasty to eat to keep me going during those gruelling times but really struggled to find food - especially at odd hours. So believe me, the food you cook will literally be life-saving. Thankyou so much for setting this up. Absolutely wonderful.

Jiten Morarji

Compassion is part of being human

Nadia Nilforoushan

Well done to everyone who has taken this amazing initiative. Stay safe , Stay blessed .

Nayna Kanabar

Keep up the good work guys. God bless you

Sumita Vekariya

Thanks for making my Sunday Melodious by organizing fabulous musical retreat, which I am enjoying sitting at home and ofcourse the cause of feeding needy and helping stranded students . Hats off to the founders and team. keep up the good work. Thank you.

Mangal B

You are doing a great job. God bless you all

Versh Mehta

Thank you!

Satish Patel

A great effort from the local community at these difficult times. Real Food Heroes all the volunters and keep up the great work and support within the community as it does make a big difference to the people who you are helping

Jay Parbhu

Community Response Kitchen have helped NHS staff, care homes, homeless shelters, mutual aid groups, vulnerable citizens, students, unemployed individuals and will continue to assist as long as the need is there.

Henna Patel




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Hi Daksha, in my way to a much needed holiday and wrapping few things up. I'm sure you have been inundated with congrats but I wanted to personally add my humble ones and just say that from the first day back at the beginning of the lockdown, when I came to drop few tins of tomatoes to your place in Stonebridge, I have been in awe of both your warmth and boundless generosity and of the organisation of your operation. Knowing this has sprang from nothing, I was taken aback when entering a huge hall organised with Swiss precision and  filled with over-pouring love. I was struck by the white of the gowns and the equipment in contrast to the colourful foods. I was greeted with warmth and left with a box of fragrant gulab jamun for my son. Since then I always referred to your place as 'Daksha's love lab'. For all these, my heart sang when seeing you have been properly recognised! Keep going, giving and inspiring! Much love

Julia (from MAFW)