Pravin Vagadia and the Bansuri Dabeli team, Jeshika Vekaria , Nita  Vagadia, and Pravin Vekaria, have been an integral piece of the Community Response Kitchen jigsaw from the very outset of our journey.


When he’s not ploughing hours of his time and incredible cooking skills into the Community Kitchen - Pravin runs a delicious restaurant called Bansuri Dabeli,  ( Check it out  -243 Kingsbury Rd, London NW9 8UG)



The restaurant,  which opened a decade ago specialises in authentic cuisine from the Kutch region in Gujarat and is always bustling with satisfied customers and turning out fresh inventive meals on an ever changing menu (with of course  some core irresistible  delicacies like Dabeli, vada pau, fresh jalebi and fafda on the weekends!)  


When the pandemic stuck , Pravin made the decision to channel his  skills and resources into supporting those in the community who were hit hardest. Not only did he donate his entire shop stock he also joined forces with the Community Response Kitchen and began working his magic here.

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Here at the kitchen every meal has to meet chef Pravin's meticulous standards and even when the kitchen was churning out 2500 meals a day, Pravin never compromised on taste, variety and visual presentation. Every beneficiary of a CRK meal is the same as a paying customer at Bansuri Dabeli for Pravin – and it was under his talented guidance that we have been able to serve  vulnerable members of the community with delicious dishes from not only all corners of India from Veg Biryani to Vada Pau but also all over the world – from Pasta Arrabiata  to Hakka Noodles.


As lockdown lifted and Bansuri Dabeli reopened – Pravin’s dedication to Community Response Kitchen remained unbroken. It is beyond humbling to see him here in the early hours of the morning and late hours of the evening to make the meals – whilst he is also working 14 hour shifts at his own restaurant.


We are here because of his incredible talent and dedication – and are all huge fans of Bansuri Dabeli, hope to see you there,